About Us!

Our mission is very simple- through fashion, promote positivity and contribute to mankind.

The New Legacy philosophy, in short, it's about YOU. Mark your legacy in this lifetime. "Live Unlimited" Don't let the limiting beliefs of others hold you back from living your full potential, and more importantly, don't let the endless rat race be the end of you. 

New Legacy is a small & humble apparel brand located in the great Bay Area, California. Founded on July 2017 by Zoon Nguyen, a broke college student who had big dreams that one day he could make a difference in this world and break the trend in his family (being poor). He was pretty lost on how he was going to achieve these goals, so he went on a search. During that July, Zoon accidentally ran into a freshly expired domain name, NewLegacy.Co, and saw huge potential in the name. New Legacy meant more to him than just a brand name, but a perfect reminder that we matter in this ever-growing toxic world.  He believes we all have the ability within us to make a difference. To Zoon, clothing and apparel is the best tool that people use to express their identity and character, and he believes that this is the best avenue to grow the positive New Legacy ideology. Zoon doesn't believe that New Legacy needs to be a big company to make a difference, he believes we can make that difference starting from the beginning. Growing up in a low-income family, Zoon understands the importance of giving back to those who are suffering.  Not later, but now, when it's needed the most. Zoon believes that it's a must that businesses should look beyond just turning a profit, but in their own way, contribute to the society which fuels the business in the first place. That's why we donate $1.10 of every purchase that we have to our favorite food bank @Feeding America, to contribute 11 meals as an honor to our clients for every purchase. For this 1st challenge, our goal is to help contribute to 1,000,000 meals to those who are in need.

Whether you are an athlete, artist or innovator, our logo is made to represent your fighting spirit.  A forward charging flag representing progress, because only forward progress will bring true fulfillment in our lives. 

We hope to serve you on your wonderful journey toward new heights!

A big thank you to those who sacrifice their time and efforts to help New Legacy Apparel get started. Much Love!!