New Legacy is an active wear brand that delivers amazing apparel & accessories for your crazy lifestyle. Our goal is to inspire individuals to thrive both physically and mentally.
Our mantra, "Live Unlimited" is what we believe is one of the most efficient ways you can truly live to your full potential. To accomplish this, we must free ourselves from the beliefs of others & create the best versions of ourselves.
Our definition of happiness is that of being a part of something bigger than yourself to improve more than just yourself. As we all know, this life doesn't last forever but what you leave behind is up to you.
Our logo, a forward charging flag stands for what we as a brand represent.
Making progress brings true fulfillment in life.
To honor our clients, we donate a portion of every sale to our warriors at the Feeding America & National Forest Foundation to help aid the fight for a better world.
We truly embrace our status as the underdog in the industry, as we advocate for others and believe that if we can achieve success, you too can reach your full potential.
Whether you are a current or future client, we cannot thank you enough for giving the New Legacy family the opportunity to serve and be part of your journey toward new heights.

San Francisco Bay Area, California
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